Saturday, 21 July 2012

Review: Revlon Lipbutters

A look to the past before a progressive look at something more current next post.

Well, at least i think it's a look to the past, after all these are like 3 months old now in Australia (of all places), but i recently got another one to add to my lil stash and though i would do a review for that one person out there who hasn't heard of/tried these yet. So you, the one living under the rock, this post is for you. :)

Now when i first heard of these i was still very much in my "meh makeup" stage of life ,but Hunger Games nail polishes had just come out and they just kinda kept poping up in places while i was doing regular non-makeup Internet things.

The obsession started and it led me to these, these lovely things which at the time were not out yet. (not here anyway) So i waited, when mum went over to Singapore i asked her to look as well. Then, the day she left, i go into a chemist near my house and what do i see but a shiny new pristine and completely  untouched stand of the Revlon Lipbutters. Fate. Must be. Why else would they bring it to a chemist first right? 

So originally there was only really two colors i wanted (Gumdrop and Berry Smoothie), but i was a  newbie and did not expect the massive price hike that the lip butters suffered upon entering Australian waters, i guess something in the air means as soon as it crosses the border it gains another 100$ value thus doubling the price from what it was in the US and UK?

So on that first trip i got Gumdrop and (don't remember why) Strawberry Shortcake, and walked away happy. These are very soft and smooth, probably closer to lipstick then balm but they do sit that fence very well and certainly do moisturize.

Revlon; Sweet Tart, Strawberry Shortcake, Gumdrop, Cupcake, and Berry Smoothie

Berry Smoothie and Cupcake came into my possession about three weeks later when Priceline held a buy 2 for 1 deal and once again for some reason i got a dark lip butter next to a super light one, mum got the same deal picking Sweet Tart and Berry Smoothie and we went away happy.

These feel really nice on your lips, literally buttery smooth, but they are not great at lasting. Maybe an hour or two assuming you don't eat or talk too much, and so require frequent application. If you leave them anywhere too warm they will without a doubt melt in a nanosecond. But for treating your lips they are lovely.

The quilt-pattern on the packaging is also a treat, this packaging is one thing i really love about Revlon products it seems both safe and at the same time high end ( reminding me vaguely of the Burberry packaging) 

So yesterday mum gave me her untouched lipbutter in Sweet Tart saying she only really used Berry Smoothie and kept forgetting that this one was in her bag, so i happily accepted. Thus below are the swatches of my five lipbutters (3 more then i though i would have);

In all honesty i have to agree with my mum that Berry Smoothie is the finest of these (flavors?) and the one i reach for the most, in fact since i keep it with me all the time it's developed a bit of a rattle where the stick of product no longer sits entirely securely in the packaging. Hopefully it lasts!

Happily i think Sweet tart is close enough to Berry smoothie just without the shimmer that i will wear it quite often. Cupcake is almost too pale for me and seems to sink into the cracks on my lips a little too obviously.
Shortcake is nice, and the swatch doesn't really do it justice, it's a lot closer to cupcake then to sweet tart and has some similar issues but much more wearable then cupcake.

Lastly gumdrop, i liked this when i first got it and wore for about two weeks then switched over to berry tart and forgot it a bit, but now my pink hair seems to make it look a bit more natural and closer to mauve then blue and so i no longer look like the dead while wearing it.

So which was your favorite?

Also, sorry if this post was a little outdated, next i promise something brand new and totally shiny; a peek at Lush's just released Emotional Brilliance range.

(oh also very happy to say i just placed my first order at Haus of Gloi and One Hand washes the Others, very excited to see)


  1. I haven't tried any of the lip butters yet though it's much cheaper here - less than AU$10. But I heard they are amazing. Sweet tart and Strawberry shortcake looks like an awesome colour though :)

    1. Well then i would totally recommend giving at least one of these a whirl, I'm not a huge fan of plain clear gloss so these are awesome for moisturizing with some color.

  2. My favourite lip butter is Peach Parfait!

    P.S. OMG I want to see your pink hair!!

    1. mmmmm okay, I've been trying to gear myself up to post it, so i shan't deny an outright request!:) and yes peach parfait is amazing, sadly ity did not quite sit well with my skin tone.

  3. I bought Lollipop the other day for $10 and I love it!! Feels so good on your lips, wear time isn't great - but I didn't really expect it to be. I wear mine as a stain in the day and at night apply like lipstick. :)

    1. hmm i didn't think i would work as stain, interesting idea though :)