Friday, 24 August 2012

Review: Palmer’s Purifying Mask

Today i decided to look at Palmer’s Purifying Mask; I picked this up about 3 months ago as i wanted a mask in a tube/tub that was both not too expensive and could be used at least twice a week without irritation.

I've tried a lot of masks in my search and their certainly isn't a huge range in the non-single-pack for face masks. (I do love the Lush face masks but i don't like keeping it in the fridge because i forget all about it and then it expires.)

The mask is incredibly thick and you can get quite  a lot of use from a small amount, plus you can load on as much as you like (because it;s in a tube) and you won't waste product you don't need (like say if it was in a sachet). It's incredibly easy to use, no mess and great control over product flow. Plus i've had mine for three months still feel like there's a lot of product left.

It's quite creamy and thick which i think works well, considering it's a clay mask (my favorite kind) it goes on much easier then many i have tried without pulling on your skin or feeling like you have to rub alot to get it to spread.

It smells mostly like clay with slight notes of white Lilly, but mostly like clay, it's not an especially strong scent so i don't think it would bother anyone unless you really hate the smell of clay.

The product has cocoa & shea butters, vitamin E, Koalin and Sweet Almond Oil which claim to deeply moisturize and nourish, work as a powerful antioxidant, detox and purify, and work as a lightweight skin emollient. It was this combination that originally attracted me as it sounded like a pretty winning combo.

The product works pretty well when it comes to comes to controlling oil, making your face feel very clean and dry (but not in a irritable way), it's quite calming and definitely helps with the nourishing but i can't say i see a great deal of difference except that if i feel like it i can skin my cleansing routine that day as it really does all the work for you.

It's a good product but maybe not a great one, I'll happily finish the tub and then try a few other ones but i wouldn't rule out repurchasing this somewhere down the road.

What face masks do you like?

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