Friday, 10 August 2012

Review: Satyr Bubbling Scrub by Haus of Gloi

Back to our regular scheduled blogging (that's a lie, i don't have a schedule, i post when the mood strikes me). Today we have one of the products i mentioned i wanted to get my paws on a month ago here.
Since i tried to limit myself to one i decided to go for Satyr over Honey Tree as i figured on the off chance that i hate it my boyfriend could finish it as he has a thing for Blood Orange scents.

The scent of Satyr is described on the website as "Absolutely fiendish creature! And quite frolicsome: Italian blood orange drizzled with blackened vanilla." and this is fairly accurate however the vanilla is much stronger then i thought it would be; it's a very warm buttery kind of vanilla then blends well with the fruity but not too strong over tones of the scent. Love it!

So let's take a look at the journey;

It arrived on Monday (about 2.5 weeks since i ordered it), and the wrapping and handwritten note were quite cute and were rustic and olden day-ish. I quite approve, the two samples i got were Vice (the black tube) and Mango Sticky Rice (the white). All this was accompanied by a very nice handwritten note which is always a nice touch.

This was my first time ordering skincare stuffs on line and I'm very pleased with the way in which Haus of Gloi handled everything so i definitely recommend them if you want to try something other then the store brand stuffs.

This post will be picture heavy as when i was trying to find out about these there wasn't too much to go on, mostly just bottle shots and very little to give you any idea of what the texture might be like. 

When you first open it the container has a red safety seal on it which i think is pretty damn awesome for a small-ish on line company that could very easily not have bothered with this. When you first take the seal of the smell is quite lovely but a little muted, and doesn't come out very strong till you did your mitts into it and then it just invades the whole house.

As you can see in this picture the texture is quite fluffy and has a sort of silky milk softness to it which i assume is all the moisturizing goodness of the scrub. The sugar granules aren't too big or too soft, about the size of what you find in your coffee in the morning but the foaming and leather aspect of the bubbling scrub mean it's not very rough but still does a very nice exfoliation.

This is how much i have gone through in 4 washes, (3 for me and 1 for the boyfriend) and a little really goes a long way, once again because it's a bubbling scrub not just a regular old boring scrub the product is easy to move around on your skin and after a bit of rubbing in you can move on to another bit and then it just fades away with no residue.

This is way more product then you need but i wanted to show the texture and how easy it is to use, the smell  does stick around for a few hours but it's not in your face but a nice muted version, it doesn't leave any film and for my skin is very moisturizing and not too rough. I highly recommend giving these a shot.

As for the two samples here are some quick thoughts;

VICE :  "Steam billows rolling off a vessel of fresh made Turkish coffee, marshmallow goo tainted by graham cracker crumbs, toasted hazelnuts and blanketed in black chocolate." This smells very much like a carmel coffee scent with very yummy overtones that make your mouth water just smelling it, would not mind a scrub or something of this at all.

MANGO STICKY RICE: "Sweet mango, coconut infused rice and toasted sesame." I'm not quite as fond of this, as i can't really see myself wearing a "rice" scent even though it is on the sweet side and the coconut clearly helps balance it out but the "rice" smell is a bit strong for me, i prefer desert or fruity kind of scents.

I consider this to be a timely review as on August 19 (how did they know it's my birthday?) they will be releasing their Fall collection full of warm buttery scents and Halloween themed stuff, return of whipped soaps that i really want to try, seasonal lip balms and all sorts of really tasty..uhm good for your skin stuff.

You can find out more at their blog here or their facebook page.

DISCLAIMER: Please don't eat Hous of Gloi products :)

All in all great product, awesome delivery times and very friendly customer service. 

Have you tried any of the Hous of Gloi stuff?

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