Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Review: Lush Brazed Honey Mask

Brazened Honey is one of Lush's Fresh Face Masks, meaning they have a short lifespan and therefore are not available online but must be purchased in store. (This seems not the be the case in the UK however).

I love face masks, i think they are a lovely treat after a tiring day. Half the time i don't mind so much when they don't do a whole lot (see Palmer's Mask Review) so it's always a treat when they do work and feel great afterwards, rather then just being a little time out of your day.

Brazed Honey is obviously not the most attractive thing in the world, in fact i would say it's downright ugly. But like much an ugly duckling it turns into a beauty when you actually use it.

So first things first, if you are unfamiliar with the fresh masks they have a 3-4 week lifespan and should be kept in the fridge. This is because they are made fresh in store and without preservatives so they don't stay fresh forever. This does however mean that they feel very refreshing when you put them on (since they live in the fridge).  Great in Spring and Summer but a little painful in Autumn or Winter.

This mask in particular is very textured, very thick with lots of stuff in it, including ground almond for exfoliation.  It doesn't go on particularly smooth due to this so you have to work a little muscle to get it to apply all over with even coverage. So what sort of mask is this? Primarily a detox mask and secondarily a exfoliation mask to be used when your world's gone a little haywire and your skin is feeling run down or you just need a boost.

It certainly smells like a detox, or maybe more like the morning when you need one. It's a very strong smell and some people will either hate it or find it's too strong for them, personally i don't really enjoy it but i only really smell it when im putting it on and not once it's already on, it certainly doesn't leave any trace fragrance when it's washed off. 

One Use

Does it work? It worked for me but when i used it my skin wasn't in horrible condition i just wanted a bit of a lift which i find it provided, it slightly brightened and tightened my skin without leaving it dry, it felt very smooth actually, almost velvety. It caused no irritation and perhaps the biggest benefit is that my skin actually felt better, fresher and more comfortable. So yes i would repurchase and use again. In fact I'm trying to convince my boyfriend to try it with me :)

Have you tried the fresh face masks? Which is your favorite?


  1. I haven't tried them because there's no Lush in China, but your review is great!

    1. That's so sad, i hope you get to try it at some point!

  2. This is a great review! I've always walked passed Lush and never bought anything, no idea why. I think now I'll have to give this mask a go!

    1. I was lured in there the first time by my nose and have been helplessly addicted to it since. Have fun!

  3. This was the first Lush face mask that I've tried and it's still my favourite. I've also tried the Oatifix and Cosmetic Warrior ones but I find that this one has the best results!