Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Review: Michel Mercier Detangling Brush

This is, i believe, my first venture into hair care; an area I'm nearly complete inept in. I mean besides washing and conditioning and actually brushing my hair, there isn't a lot that gets done to it. Since i colored the front of my hair pink about 2 months ago it's become a little disobedient.  Where previously it didn't really take a huge amount of work, it now seems to leave my scalp super dry and tends to get knotted up more then it used when it was longer (weird).

So for my first venture (unless you count buying a ton of tea tree oil to deal with the dry scalp issue) into actual hair care i purchased this Detangling brush; my other hair brush while good has very sharp bristles and sometimes i just can't face using it, especially now that my scalp is more sensitive.

This is, as you may already be familiar with; the Michel Mercier Detangling brush (for fine hair)

The pink brush that i have is for fine hair but there's a green for normal hair, and a blue for frizzy or curly or afro-y hair. So you should be able to find one suitable for your needs if your looking into getting a new brush for your mop. 

The idea behind this particular brush is that there are several sets of bristles; some higher and some lower which is supposed to help it glide through your hair, detangle, and above all do so without catching and causing any pain. I imagine this would be a perfect brush to use on little kids; i remember screaming my head of when i was younger and mum would try brush my hair, this brush could have saved a great deal of tears.

With this product i haven't needed to use anything other then this brush to de-tangle my mop, no water or conditioner or detangling spray. It does all the work through the mystery of varying sized bristles. It's wide handles so easy to hold but not as easy to grip if your hands are wet. It's the average size for a brush so it won't take up any extra space and it looks bright and cute.

So does it achieve it;s purpose? Yup, it de-tangles and it doesn't hurt. It's not a miracle product to make your hair shiny and obedient overnight but for what it claims to do it succeeds, The brush is a touch unwieldy but so long as you dry your hands first it should cause no issues. I would say unless you have specific issues with pain while brushing your hair or massive tangling then this brush is not really necessary, otherwise it's does a good job as sorting out those issues.

Have you tried these?


  1. Please read before ordering from them. Their warehouse is located inMassachusetts so it should take them no more than 5 business days for you to receive the items no matter where u live in the US but as it stands now the brushes won't even leave their warehouse for at least 3 weeks after u place your order. When I placed the order I paid for rush shipping thinking that I would receive the brushes within the week being that they charged me over $31.00 just in shipping charges. I tried calling their customer service number 1800-338-3394 and while I listened to elevador music and " your call is impportant to us, thank you for your patience and continue to call blah blah blah" over and over for over 40 minutes ( I have a timer on my cell phone, so I left it on speaker and did the dishes and vaccumed my room and after 40 min they still had not picked it up so I hung up and went to their web site to try to email them. It turns out that the address they say is " the best way to contact customer service" is not an email address but a place to check your order status and if there is a ploblem with your order good luck trying to talk to them on the phone once they have already taken your money. There was no email address to contact customer service. By the way, once you fill out your order with your name, address and credit card info they sell your private info to third parties. Within 2 days I placed my order with them I got telemarketers who told me they got my info from Michel Mercier's website. When I was able to talk to someone at Michel Mercier I asked the customer serviice rep ( Steve ) about the telemarketers and he said: "They did not get the information from us." So I told him they had told me that they did, so then Steve said: " They grabbed it from our website", and so I asked him: Are you telling me you have an unsecured website? to that he said: "We use a third party who is unsecure". I got pissed and asked how he is not embarressed to state that so bluntly like it's nothing and he didnt have anything else to say. I told him I would be posting reviews about them online and that I couldn't believe they were still in business nd that I would never order from them again and I hung up. Please don't order from this company. If you want a no tangle brush order the Macademia Oil one.

    1. That does sounds like a pretty bad experience, i'm very sorry that happened to you. As it is i bought this one from Priceline and have never dealt with their customer service, so i can't say myself if this is common. Thank you for commenting, hopefully it helps someone else :)

    2. I'm still waiting on my order as well, as it's been over a month....

  2. I bought mine from and I always receive outstanding customer service there.

    I do empathise with you though Erica, I have had similar experiences with two Australian companies. Glitz Gal, a nail polish company and Switch Sticks, a company that makes funky walking sticks.

    In both cases it was cheaper for me (including postage) to buy those companies products from the USA.