Monday, 22 October 2012

Haul: Haus of Gloi (Autumn 2)

My Whipped Soaps arrived today, this makes me incredibly happy. Since i started my tryst with Haus of Gloi these have been unavailable due to the hot weather in Oregon so when i heard they were coming back in stock i stayed up playing video games till 5 am and ordered it when they went live. Good thing too since the next morning one of the soaps was already sold out. (It's okay they have since restocked and seem to be a little more readily available). For my earlier review of the first half of my Autumn Haus of Gloi look here.

So the purchases this time around were;

Whipped Soap in Ghost Puffs (popcorn and marshmallows yum) (sold out at time of post)
Whipped Soap in Red Roan  (strawberries, maple syrup, porridge and white cognac)
Whipped Soap in Spider Silk  (mint, grey musk, amber, oakmoss, torchwood, copaiba resin, and violet leaf)
Perfume in Ghost Puffs (I'm in love) (again sold out at time of post)
Lip Balm in Banana Bread (like it says)
Lip Balm in White Rose and Red Currant (more rose then red currant)
Handmade Soap in Satyr (blood orange and vanilla)
+ sample perfume in Saft Ernte (Peach ,spices ,pumpkin, hazelnut cream and orange blossom water)

So far I'm in love with the whipped soaps and will try to do a proper review, I'm starting of with Spider Silk and from my first use i can say it's very soft and kind of like a slightly hardened cream that melts as soon as it it gets a bit warm or wet.

However, after using it twice at this point i have to say I'm amazingly surprised by the Handmade soap, and will 100% be purchasing more of these. I usually use Lush soaps and basically never use regular supermarket soaps anymore. I've been spoiled really, i thought lush soap was the best that soap in a block could get.

I was wrong, lush soap was a gateway soap, because soap from Haus of Gloi is actually where it's all at. My issue with Lush soaps has always been that about 50% of them don't lather all that great. The Satyr soap i got is magic, when you put it on it's smooth and basically glides on with little effort and leaves behind what i would best refer to as a soap oil layer; not greasy  or yucky but just like a watery layer of the soap almost a gel. You then lather this stuff and the rest of the soap goes back to the shower caddy. Then it lathers, like crazy and feels and smells wonderful. 

My boyfriend says i've spoiled him with this, no longer are we as a haus-hold satisfied with regular soap but must important our decadent soaps from America. Damn you Haus of Gloi you win this round.

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