Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Review Maybelline Color Whisper by Color Sensational

Color whisper in Coral Ambition

Ah, Maybelline's answer to Revlon's Lip Butters. Not currently available in Australia, sadly, are the Maybelline Color Whispers. Now i liked the Lip Butters, i loved the lip stains even more, and now it seems I'm doomed to like this product too. Which is a shame, i kind of wanted to hate it; my lippy draw if full of Revlon at the moment, i don't have space for another pile of these when they (hopefully) eventually make it down here.

So what's good about these and how do they compare? Firstly their much more long lasting and sturdy then the lip butters, they feel more like balms with some color tint but are very build able. My biggest issue with the lip butters is that as great as they feel, on me they disappear very quickly and the sticks themselves are very soft. These, well a different if similar kettle of fish; their sturdy, they don't melt anywhere as easily, they are in fact much more similar to actual lipstick. Indeed i would probably put them in the sheer lipstick category rather then lip balm (like the butters).

They also build up much easier then the lip butters, you have a lot of control over how pigmented you want the color to be. It applies really well too. Even if these never make it to our shores I'm going to try get a few more shades, something a bit darker as i wanted to try a color a bit different from my usual experience.


  1. This looks gorgeous! I'm yet to try either these or the lip butters, but I think they might end up being my next lip purchase, if I don't succumb to L'Oreal Shine Caress first!

  2. Im sad to say i do like these better then the lip butters, probably not a good thing since i own about 6 of the lip butters :)

  3. I want to own some Whispers just because of their packaging :) they look so beautiful!