Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Review: Maybelline Eye Studio Color Tattoo Eye Shadow Set 2

So it isn't news that I'm a fan of the Maybelline Eye Tattoo Eyeshadow; so a few weeks ago i began hunting around and looking at some of the shades not released here and came across two that i could not live without. Those shades being Inked in Pink; a light rosy shade and Barley Branded a warm slightly peachy cream. They arrived just a little while and I'm totally hooked.

The texture of these seems quite a bit smoother then the original release versions and doesn't seem quite as dry so it goes on a bit easier even then the first set! The colors are beautiful and so very wearable. I hope these get released here sooner rather than later but so far i haven't heard anything about them being released here which would be quite sad. I would say that with these practice has made perfect because they seem just that little bit better then their predecessors, so if you can get a hold of them i very much recommend doing so. I hope they also bring out the limited edition jewel tone colors but i kind of doubt it.

As you can see i have quite the set of these now, so take that as proof of how good they are. Personally i need a little eye base to make them not slide around but most people don't seem to need that additional step.

What's your favorite color? I think mine is going to have to Inked in Pink at the moment.

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