Thursday, 5 September 2013

Review: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk & Black Bean

Most of you are probably familiar with the famous NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in one way or another. Recently I was inspired by a Youtuber going by the call sign xsparkage and her love of the NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk especially, as she uses it as a base for 99% of her eyeshadow looks.

There are alot of shades and I look forward to trying some of the brighter ones, sadly the one i wanted (yellow) was out of stock so i'm going to wait rather then force myself to get a few colors i might not be as happy with. As i note i bought mine at Crush Cosmetics and it arrived very quickly, as in less then a week which is amazing to me So that's what it's like to live in America.

I decided to pick up Milk (duh) and Black Bean to start with as black and white are obviously the most usable. Milk is a matte creamy white which makes any color sitting on top of it pop and stand out a lot more. Certainly brights and pastels show up a lot more then on any other base i have tried. Because it's very creamy it will crease so the best place to apply this is directly onto your lid (not into the crease) and then blend it out, i find using your fingers is best.

I also picked up Black Bean, a glossy smooth as buttery black. It's incredibly smooth and makes for a great smoky look. Because it's so creamy you can get a very deep look with very little effort.

I would say these are worth the hype, especially if you consider how your going to use them and what you really want out them. For instance in my case i want to get into using more bright eyeshadow and want them to stay on and stay bright so Milk was an obvious choice.

WIN: Creamy, Blends well, great eyeshadow base
LOOSE: Will crease if used all over the eye


AVAILABILITY: Crush Cosmetics $6.95 + Shipping

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