Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Review: BH Cosmetics Galaxy Palette

Sorry for the absence, just not really been feeling very bloggy the past month after doing a post every other day in September, although I did get a few interesting things that I will show off over time the heat in Perth and trying to restrain myself when it comes to buying new stuffs there isn't as much for me to talk about right now.

I got this at the start of October and I really love it, the design on the outside is kinda silly and very...teen but since the eyeshadow are so amazing I am willing to overlook that.

The palette was $14.00 plus shopping when I picked it up though it may have gone up since then since it was a promotional offer but nothing on BH seemed very expensive to begin with.

The Galaxy  palette is a set of 18 baked eyeshadow that can be used dry or with a bit of water for a more intense and long lasting experience. Because they are baked eyeshadows they all look like tiny planets themselves and this works really well into the theme of the  palette, but it does mean that every one will be a bit different. For instance Asteroid in mine is much more blue then red but the website photo was much more red with very little blue. 

Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, Sun
Uranus, Comet, Aphrodite, Asteroid, Meteor, Prometheus

Eclipse, Neptune, Cosmic, Moon, Earth, Milky Way
The photos are all dry and without primer so you can only imagine what they must be like with either of those, they are wonderfully pigmented and soft and easy to blend. They are brights and very shimmery but if your looking to try something a bit outside your comfort zone this is a great way to go as they can be used together to make wonderful bright intense looks or simply as highlight colors on more neutral toned makeup.

Catch ya next time

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