Thursday, 5 December 2013

Review: MAC Rubenesque

Welcome to December, since it's the month of festivities I thought I would start with something gold and a little bit luxe. This was a product I came across quite early with Elle & Blair's Youtube videos, though I've moved on to other Youtube guru's since then. The MAC paint pots are perhaps the original predecessor to many peoples (mine included) much loved Maybelline Color Tattoos. The paint pots are cream eyeshadow which come in 5g containers, since they are cream products it's very important to make sure they don't dry out and keep the lid screwed on tight.

Rubenesque is maybe the most beautiful color I have ever seen in any product ever, it's a golden peach with pink undertones, the peach tones in this make it so beautiful and ethereal. I want a powder eyeshadow in this color, and a blush...and a lipstick and just everything really. It's shimmery, not glittery, almost frosty, and super smooth. Despite this amazing peach color it's still very neutral and wearable for everyday wear.

This paint pot is much thinner then the eye tats, the closes I have in texture is the Bearly Branded, it's almost gel like rather then cream. It's somewhat build able in consistency, if you load it up to much though it starts to wipe away the color so it's better to let it dry down for a few seconds. I would think this might looked better on darker skin then mine as it get's a little lost on me when applied thinly, but it makes a perfect base, is very waterproof and easily warms up any powder eyeshadow and can be used for some great effects.

This was a birthday present, as ordinarily i wouldn't even consider buying any MAC products here in Australia, but sometimes you just have to treat yourself. I love this little pot and use it at least once a week, also it doesn't seem to dry out as much as i thought it would. 4 months since purchase, it's just as sft as the day i bought it. Have you tried the pain pots?


  1. Gosh this is stunning! I was actually looking at MAC shadows the other day and shades like this one really catch my eye.

    1. I don't think my swatch even does it justice, on the skin you get a bit more of the peachy tint coming through