Sunday, 16 February 2014

Review: Australis Neon Crush Blush

Been keeping an eye out for the eon collection from Australis for the past few weeks and when I saw it this blush was the one that really stood out to me, especially when I swatched the shimmery  side on the in-store tester. The packaging is (obviously)  super bright and crazy looking, and it does stand out but it won't be everyones cup of tea.

One side is shimmer(left) and the other is matte (right) but they are largely a very similar color though the shimmer side is a little lighter and with a very slight peach tone to it, but as you can see in the swatch below they end up looking very similar.

It doesn't have any "scented" flavor and the smell is a bit powdery and reminds me of older cosmetic scents, and it's certainly not a plus. One of the reasons I love my Illamasqua blush is the slightly sweet rosy smell which makes me happy just to put it on, you don't get any of that here.

The shimmery peach side is the stand out color, the lasting power is average at around 4-6 hours a bit better for the matte side. It costs $12.95 and in the collections is also a bronzer,nail polishes, some lip crayons, and eyeshadow but the neon scared me of  bit as I already have too much stuff without adding something utterly unwearable to the collection though I'm sure their just tints not actually opaque colors of neon pinks and other colors. I think this is a nice blush if your looking to try out something with more peach tones but this is very much a youth oriented product and you can probably get something a bit more wearable and a little nicer quality no matter what your market.The collection is pretty but a little to loud for me. How about you?

Here are pics of the other stuff from the collection cutesy of the Australis homepage:

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